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Products » Bromeliads » Guzmania and Vriesea

Guzmainias and vrieseas are known for their lack of or minimal spikes and softer (less leathery) leaves. Inflorescence grow out from the central plant well and last on the plants for over 6 months, quite often maintaining their same intensity of colour.

As well as larger pups, these varieties of bromeliads will often produce grass pups - a large number of small pups that look like tufts of grass at the base of the plant. Both Guzmanias and vrieseas tend to preder shaded positions but still like to have some light. Some varieties such as vriesea imperialis cope well in full sun.

Vriesea x poelmanii x V.saundersii Click Image To Enlarge

Vriesea x poelmanii x V.saundersii

This magnificent vriesea is a medium sized plant with dark green leaves highlighted with red/purple speckilng on the underside of the leaves. Inflorescense is bright red and will last on the plant for up to 6 months maintaining it's intense colour. 

Price: $15.00