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Products » Gingers » Beehive Gingers (Zingiber Spectabile)

Beehive gingers are similar to the torch gingers with basal flowers and lush foliage however the plants tend to be smaller in size (foliage around 2 metres) and flowers coming out the ground on 50 to 80 centimetre stems. Their flower as the name suggests resemble a honey comb with both elongated and round flowers The foliage ranges from around 2 metres in height in full sun to 3 metres in more shaded areas.

Fantastic as a screening plant, they tend to create their own shade in full sun areas so foliage will be thicker and shorter. Their natural growing areas tends to be along creeks and under canopy so will grow well on banks and areas shaded by larger trees. As flowers mature, day flowers will start from the base of the flower bract and work their way up as the bract elongates.

Beehive gingers enjoy a warmer climate flowering and growing well all the way down to the Queensland/NSW border. As with most tropical plants, a nice thick layer of mulch around their base helps to keep their root system warm and aid with moisture retention. Colour ranges from gold through to the dark chocolate and all the apricot and coffee colours in between. Gingers are self cleansing therefore after their flowering season the older foliage stems will fall over and die as new growth comes through. A great way to keep your plant looking great is to trim out the old stems and of course use their flowers as cut flowers. 

The different coloured beehives flower at different times, usually starting with the apricots and coffees in around November through to March/ April when the borneo red cone is flowering. The flowering season in Brisbane and surrounds would be a little later than this. Great addition to any garden



Apricot beehive Click Image To Enlarge

Apricot beehive

The apricot beehive is the first of the beehives to flower starting in around September in Cairns. The flowers are a lovely soft apricot colour and bracts tend to be tightly packed giving an almost pine cone appearance. Flowers are basal coming out of the ground on separate stems to the foliage stems. Foliage is lush green and present all year round. Grows really well down on sunshine coast and would grow well into northern NSW. Photo here is of an apricot cross - similar in colour but more open bracts.

Price: $10.00

Apricot Cross Beehive Click Image To Enlarge

Apricot Cross Beehive

This cross is between the apricot and coffee beehives giving a dark apricot coloured flower that has more spaced bract and larger rounder flower than the normal apricot. Lush foliage all year round and basal flowers starting around october makes this the second beehive to flower during their season.

Price: $10.00

Coffee Beehive Click Image To Enlarge

Coffee Beehive

Cross between the chocolate and yellow beehive, Coffee beehive has the darker colour of the chocolate beehive and the elongated shape of the yellow beehive. Flowers well around November before either chocolate or yellw beehives start flowering. Well suited to cooler weather, grow very well in south east Queensland and northern NSW.

Price: $10.00

Chocolate Beehive Click Image To Enlarge

Chocolate Beehive

Chocolate beehive is unique, being spherical in shape and a rich dark chocolate colour. Flowers well around November/ December in the Cairns region. Well suited to cooler weather, grow very well in south east Queensland and northern NSW.

Price: $10.00

Yellow Beehive Click Image To Enlarge

Yellow Beehive

The yellow beehive is the last of the true beehives to flower. It starts flowering around christmas in Cairns and produces new flowers for several months. Great as a cut flower, the flowers left on the plant it will elongate and start to turn red at the base making it a spectacular landscaping plant as well. grows well all the way down past Brisbane.

Price: $10.00

Borneo Red Cone

Borneo Red Cone

Borneo red cone is a costus which tends to be grouped with the beehives because of it's flower shape and basal flowering. Foliage is thicker and shorter than the other beehives and the plant is a self cleansing beehive where old stems collapes and fantastic new foliage comes up without having to do anything!! Will spread more than the other beehives, great landscaping plant with flowers that start of a brown colour and elongate turning red as the flower matures.

Price: $10.00