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Products » Heliconia » Pendant Heliconias

Pendant Heliconias include the magnificent Sexy Pink, Sexy Maroon and the prehistoric looking She Kong. Plants in this group range from the Rostrata which is more compact with it’s cute red and yellow pendant flower – great landscaping plant, to the beefmaster and she kong that have massive trunks and flowers that remind me of chinese new year fire crackers! Most of these larger varieities clump rather than running and work very well as screening plants to hide a fence or create privacy.

The plants are Rysome growers, producing a new flower stem from an existing stem. Once the stem has flowered it will not reflower. They will naturally fall over if left but are fantasitc as a cut flower lasting for several weeks in water.

These plants are low maintenance and unlike the smaller heliconias stay in a clump rather than running throughout a garden. There foliage is made up of large leaves similar in shape to a banana plant but are usually distiguishable from the upright heliconias because their leaves tend to shred. Most will have a flowering season during the year but some varieties such as sexy pink and rostrata throw flowers all year round.

These plants grow particularly well in the tropics but can be grown down as far as Brisbane.

Sexy Pink Click Image To Enlarge

Sexy Pink

The sexy pink is often identified as the most spectacular pendant heliconia. With it's beautiful pink and green bracts, the flower is sought after for both landscaping and as a cut flower. Sexy pinks grow particularly well in a slightly shaded situation and like to be grown on a mound so work really well on a creek bank or similar situation. Grown from Cairns down to Brisbane, this heliconia flowers well for most of the year with several full flushes as well as the odd flower in between

Price: $25.00

Sexy orange (baker) Click Image To Enlarge

Sexy orange (baker)

This pendant heliconia is very similar is shape to the sexy pink but has flowers that have orange bracts with yellow edge. Grown more as a landscaping plant, they grow to between 2 and 3 metres in height and if the flowers are left on the plant they will grow to over a metre in length. Can be cut and used as a cut flower but not usually commercially grown as such. More valued as a landscaping plant.

Price: $15.00

Collinsiana Click Image To Enlarge


Collinsiana is a blood red pendant heliconia that has bright yellow flowers extending out of the red bract. Easily identifiable even without flower as the stems and leaves are covered in a very fine white waxy powder. It has lovely dark green foliage and flowers well throughout the year. Can be used as a cut flower but great in landscaping. Will grow through out queensland and norhter New South Wales.


Price: $15.00

Rostrata Click Image To Enlarge


Rostrata is a smaller member of the pendant heliconia family. It will spread throughout your garden more quickly than the larger pendant heliconias but is fantastic as a landscaping plant with its long red, yellow and green flowers. Has flowers on for most of the year and grows well through the tropics and subtropics.

Price: $12.00